The Flexjet 25

The Flexjet 25

  • Alex Brunkhorst
  • 05/16/14

Look in the mirror. 

Yeah, you. Take a look at those perfect genes. That brain that got you into Harvard and then a plumb job at Goldman Sachs. That athleticism that got you almost on the Yankees. (The minors weren't for you.) Those blue eyes, that tall lanky frame, that dimple. 

Okay, enough staring. Those perfect genetics had to come from somewhere you know, so there's nothing too extravagant for the guy who got you there: Dad. Enough grill sets or ties even if they are Hermes. Our ultimate Bungalux Father's Day gift is way better than that. 

What is it, you wonder? The Flexjet25. Since Dad may have had to sell his G5 in the economic downturn, the Flexjet25 is a prepaid debit card for travel time on private Challengers and Learjets. Starting around $100,000, the cards come with different flight plan options. The best part? Reserving a plane to the Super Bowl or Vegas for a little gambling at the Wynn is simple: Just call 24 hours in advance to a private or commercial airport to reserve the plane. (Hint: Always opt for private. So much easier.) 

So instead of gifting a trip to Dad’s favorite golf resort or tropical location, why not give him several? And, of course, we expect he'll take you along for the ride. 

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