Fashion & Real Estate of the Swans

My Favorite Trends of the Era from "The Feuds"

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C.Z. Guest's Trophy Penthouse on 1 Sutton Pl, New York

$26M  |   6,600 sqf

During the events of FeudC.Z. Guest lived in the penthouse at 1 Sutton Place that was originally built for her mother-in-law, Amy Phipps, whose family commissioned the Rosario Candela-designed building (a far cry from the Downtown and Brooklyn neighborhoods that Ms. Guest’s portrayer, Chloe Sevigny, famously favors). It would prove to be the perfect place for the famous art collection of the woman who had had her portrait painted by Diego RiveraAndy Warhol, and Salvador Dali. -



Babe Paley's Southampton Estate "Four Fountains"

$35,000,000  | 9,000  sqf

"Four Fountains," a seven-acre property in Southampton, New York, was born as an Art Deco theater in 1928. The house's architect, Archibald Brown, and his wife Eleanor McMillen Brown, who ran the interior design firm McMillen, converted it into a private house. In the 1970s, former CBS Chairman Bill Paley and his wife, Babe, purchased it and hired legendary designer Sister Parish to decorate it. Now it's on the market with Corcoran for $35 million; scroll through to take a look inside. -

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Ann Woodward's Statement Outfit

For Demi Moore’s scandal-plagued character Ann Woodward, who is a bit of an outsider to the scene, Posen asked himself, “What would make that feel vulnerable?” The result was “a psychedelic outfit with feathers, and crystals, and sparkle, because she was Miss Hollywood. It was a little bit of somebody who had been a star.” Moore “loved her headpiece, which was this crystal veil with these amazing Artemis plumages, because I wanted to show the fragility of somebody nervous. Truman, in the show, calls her a peafowl, not a swan, somebody who wants to be swanning, but is just not.”







"Slim" Keith, Fifth Avenue Princess and Her Iconic Style





Lee Radziwill's Upper East Side Apartment


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