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The American Real Estate Dynasty of Taylor Swift

The first leg of Taylor Swift’s Era Tour just wrapped up, and as we put away our friendship bracelets, take off our Eras-colored manicures, and wish we could relive the magical night over and over again, Swifties are left with quite a few burning questions as hot as that rendition of Bad Blood. For example, if we’re experiencing a Swift-over for days after just attending the show, how can Swift perform that grueling show over and over without a single cancellation? Doesn’t she ever get a head cold? If it takes us hours to get ready, how does Swift do a costume change in under three minutes? And, perhaps most importantly, now that she finally has a second to rest, where is Swift going home to recuperate?

Well, over the years Swift has shrewdly amassed a very impressive residential real estate empire, spanning both coasts. In fact, in a recent article, the Wall Street Journal estimated the value of Swift’s real estate holdings to be upwards of $150 million. Here’s a look backstage at her real estate empire.


Music Row Penthouse, Nashville

$1.99M  |   3,240 sqf

Swift’s first real estate purchase was during her “Fearless Era.” Taylor was only twenty-years-old when she bought a $1.99 million, 3,240 square foot corner penthouse with soaring ceilings just off of Nashville’s Music Row in the Adelicia Building. She decorated the unit herself, in a style she described as “whimsically girlie.” Later the same year, she purchased the unit directly below hers as well. 



Northumberland Estate, Nashville

$2.5 M  |  7,700 sqf

By 2011, Swift needed more space in Nashville, so she payed $2.5 million for a 7,700 square foot Greek Revival mansion which was originally built in 1934. Originally a horse farm, the property sits on six idyllic acres in an exclusive area called Forest Hills. Swift has indicated she purchased this house for her parents.



Holiday House, Westerly, Rhode Island

$17.75 M  |  11,700 sqf

In 2013, during the “Red Era,” Swift acquired one of her most well-known homes, a beach mansion in Westerly, Rhode Island for $17.75 million. The roughly 11,700-square-foot, Colonial-style mansion, formerly known as Holiday House, has seven bedrooms and eight fireplaces and roughly 700 feet of sandy shoreline. If the name “Holiday House” sounds familiar, the house inspired her song, “The Last Great American Dynasty” about its former owner, Rebekah Harkness. Incidentally, lest you think of trespassing, Swift is one step ahead of you. She posted a sign on her property that reads, “I knew you were trouble when you walked in. NO TRESPASSING.” 



Sugar Loaf Building, Tribeca Penthouse

$19.95 M  |  8,000 sqf

Swift has a soft spot for New York. In her “1989 Era,” just as she released “Welcome to New York,” Swift began acquiring significant real estate in Tribeca. She paid $19.95 million to buy two penthouse units at the Sugar Loaf building in Tribeca from director Peter Jackson, and joined them to create a roughly 8,000-square-foot duplex. According to the Wall Street Journal, as Swift’s fame was growing she was faced with a problem: her units didn’t have private parking. She solved the problem by purchasing a neighboring townhome for $18 million and a second-floor condo in the Sugar Loaf building for an additional $9.75 million. The plan allowed Swift to use the townhouse as private parking and connect it through the second-floor unit into the Sugar Loaf building.



The Samuel Goldwyn Estate, Beverly Hills

$25 M  |  11,000 sqf

When Swift purchased the Samuel Goldwyn (of MGM fame) Estate, the house had been sitting on the market for a long time, seeking a new owner. Swift not only purchased and renovated the stunning 11,000 square foot mansion, but she also worked to get the mansion designated as a historical landmark. Swift recorded the Grammy-winning album “Folklore” at the house during the pandemic, while the rest of us were binging Netflix and gaining the Covid 19.



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